Pregnancy Diary #2

Two ultrasounds ago I was told by the technician that I have an Anterior Placenta. I had never heard the term before so of course I ask, “Is that a bad thing?” to which she simply responded, “Nah its fine”. That was that. I didn’t think anything else of it. When I met with the doctor afterwards I felt no need to ask any questions about it or even have an explanation given to me as to what it even was. I was content knowing that it wasn’t a bad thing. 

Lately I’ve been concerned about how little I’ve been feeling my son move. I’ve consulted online forums, my doctor, co workers, anyone who would give me the time of day really. Everywhere I turned the answers were pretty much the same: “He might just not be a very active baby” or “There’s still so much room in there and he’s not that big yet, you don’t need to worry”. As comforting as those answers should’ve been, I just couldn’t find satisfaction in them. 

Yesterday I was browsing through the topics and comments on one of the online pregnancy forums I follow and I noticed one where a woman mentioned her placenta also being anterior. She talked about how it limited how frequently she felt her baby move and I had to know more! I read through all of the comments but nothing gave a clear explanation of what was going on. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel but it felt like the tunnel was never ending. 

Once I googled the term a wave of relief and slight embarrassment washed over me. Basically, instead of my placenta being located behind my baby, it’s actually in front of him acting as a barrier between him and my belly button. I felt silly because if I had actually paid attention to the words being used, I could’ve figured this out easily and saved myself weeks of unnecessary worrying. Anyhow, this means that although my son could actually be in there doing acrobatic stunts, I’m only feeling dulled versions of those moments every so often because of the positioning. 

From the time he first started moving I did notice that I could only feel him on the lower sides of my belly, no where else. I didn’t think anything of it, but that is another result of the position of my placenta. The bottom sides of my belly aren’t covered by the placenta making his movements easier to feel. Not rocket science, but my mind was blown! 

I wish that my doctor would have taken the time to explain everything to me, but I’m so thankful that everything is okay. If you have had any similar experiences with this or want to share your pregnancy stories please do so in the comments! I’d love to know that I’m not the only one who has experienced this or has been a little paranoid at times. 

Thank you for reading!


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